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2006 would prove to be the year that broke PSYCHOTIC REACTION. In October of 2005 PSYCHOTIC REACTION'S last release would be tracks on the compilation "Burned In Bagdad" a compilation put together by a soldier serving in Iraq and manufactured in Iraq. Two old PR songs were used "Red Alert" and "Why". This would little did i know the last comp., the last ep. the last of everything. Dennis and I began to look for new members. The lead singer experiment was over and we decided to go back to singing again (the best decision in a long time). In April of 2006, we hired Nick Murano (aka Nicky Danger) from Wallingford, Ct. Nicky was an excellent drummer and impressed the shit out of us. He was committed, resourceful, intelligent and had a sense of humor. He was easy to get along with and was willing to play shows and record with the band. He was the best drummer we ever had hands down. The following month we found and hired Jared (aka Billie Gerant) to play guitar. This turned out to be another in a long line of PR mistakes in judgment. Billie turned out to be a not-so-great guitarist and a drunk who played every show loaded which hurt our performances. We weren't out to make a spectacle of ourselves at this point but to excel at our music. The few gigs we played didn't help (the JCT Rock Fest debacle). Dennis and I up to this point had a backlog of around 15-17 songs that were unrecorded. I wanted badly to go into the studio to record these songs. The band wasn't ready. Then Billie in November 2006 dropped the bomb on us by telling us he couldn't play any shows for a while due to personal issues (this right before a big show we ended playing without him). Durning this time another factor in our demise was BROWNTOWN, another band Dennis joined with ex-drummer Sanchez. Another drain on PSYCHOTIC REACTION. We were not surprised but left hanging and by December we assumed he was out of the band. It may seem at this point that we're hurdling toward the end and in fact we are there. PSYCHOTIC REACTION played their last show in Manchester, CT on December 15, 2006. I didnn't know it, Nicky didn't know it but apparently Dennis knew it...

Nicky Danger, 2006

Billie Gerant, 2006

Three weeks later Dennis Reaction pulled the plug on the band. I understood the reasons (pretty much everything that went on for the past ten years plus a dissatisfaction with Nicky which i didn't understand) but the simple fact is that for a long time PSYCHOTIC REACTION WAS DR. J AND DENNIS REACTION. We did the most for this band and made the sacrifices for the music. After reading the preceding pages the reader should have a pretty good picture of what we went through. So you may have asked before and now why bother writing all of this. Well for me it's simple. Closure. PSYCHOTIC REACTION was biggest part of my life for the last ten years. It was like my mistress and my therapist and my haven from the real world. It was my creative outlet and my ego feeder. In short, it meant everything to me. But now it's over. I'm sad and probably will be for a while but i will go on as does life. So is there a lesson to be learned from the trials and tribulations of PSYCHOTIC REACTION. Sure a lot of them i'm sure. Draw your own conclusions. "Read between the fucking lines". In the end despite everything that happened i think we made some great punk rock music and put on some great performances. Our legacy is our music - eps,albums,cd's,cassettes,records and the memories of nights playing in front of "all six of them" and giving it our all.

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